Go! Sign Young Adults and Youth (18-35)

We offer occasional day and weekend events for young adults and youth.  If you are Deaf young person / adult and want to know more, please do get in touch, we would love to tell you about our events or maybe organise something in your area. 

We hold weekends focusing on Christian themes such as the Freedom we have through Jesus, or training events such as Leadership skills. 

Children and Teens

Our events for children and teens typically take place as a separate ‘stream’ at our all age events.Children and teenagers get opportunity to both worship and learn about following Jesus. Wewelcome deaf and hearing childrenalthough priority goes to those who require BSL access.

If you have a deaf child or teenager and would like to know anything about signing church groups,or access to events or any other information, please do get in touch.

Useful links

The following link is a network where families share ideas.
Please click here to navigate Facebook page for Christian families with Deaf children / teens

Signs of God–signsofgod.org.uk can offer introductory sign workshops for your church, to help make ‘church’ that little more ‘deaf friendly’.