Christianity Explored

This course is based on the book 'One Question'.


Christianity Explored is a 14-week course that considers those difficult questions we might ask God such e.g. ‘Why do good people suffer?’, ‘How do we really know there is life after death.’

This is ideal for a small study group and starts with a video 20-30 minutes long signed in BSL with English subtitles.  Each video introduces a topic and uses the Bible to explain further, the group then discusses what they have seen and how it relates to everyday life.

Ideal for everyone who is interested in understanding about the Christian Faith.

Chapter 1: Does God really exist?

Chapter 2: Is the Bible really true?

Chapter 3: Good people go to heaven?

Chapter 4: If God loves everyone, why send anyone to Hell?

Chapter 5: If Jesus was really your Son, how come he got killed?

Chapter 6: If I can be forgiven everything, that means I can do anything I like?

Chapter 7: How can I be sure there is life after death?

Chapter 8: What about people who follow other religions?

Chapter 9: Isn’t faith just a psychological crutch?

Chapter 10: Why do you allow suffering?

Chapter 11: Why do you hate sex?

Chapter 12: Why don't you just do a miracle?

Chapter 13: So, God, if you could ask me one question, what would it be?

Chapter 14: What now? Next steps in faith.