We are hiring! Honorary Clerk to Go! Sign trustees

Go! Sign is a UK based charity that aims to ‘share Jesus and empower deaf lives’. We work across the main Christian denominations and focus on the BSL using community.

We are looking for someone who is a committed Christian and interested in working with a Deaf led charity, as and when required, (initially, the equivalent of half a day per week). You would be home based but willing to travel for meetings.

The role is open to deaf and hearing applicants and can be adapted depending on the specific skills of the successful applicant and changing needs of the charity. However skills in IT and a good level of written English will be required for this role. A good use of BSL and knowledge of the deaf community will be an advantage.

The Clerk may undertake the following tasks but they may want to more widely volunteer and participate in the work of the charity.

Administration tasks in relation to running the charity

Promoting the work of Go! Sign

Preparing agendas and take minutes at trustee meetings (3-4 times a year in London / online)

For more details please contact [email protected] Closing date for applicants is 18th September 2021 

(The successful applicant will be paid an honorarium. Details available on request) 

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