A Brief History of Go!Sign

Go!Sign is the working name of the Charity, ’Christian Deaf Link UK (CDL UK)’. Christian Deaf Link UK was set up after the Deaf Christian Fellowship (Evangelical) churches had decided to close down and encourage deaf Christians to “integrate” into local mainstream churches in 1987.  As the years went by, some Deaf Christians have left the faith, some remained in the faith, but with no involvement in local churches, and the others are still involved in local churches.


When the Billy Graham Crusade visited England again in 1991, the Deaf Christians in London felt it was a golden opportunity to bring more Deaf souls to the Crusade to hear Billy Graham required the name of the group for the stewards to guide deaf people to suitable seats where they could watch the interpreters.  So “Deaf Link” became the name because, at that time, the London a personal ‘link’ with the other Deaf Christians while attending the different local churches.  Through that link, they managed to bring many Deaf souls to the Crusade.  Secondly, it was agreed, after investigation, that it was necessary to set up a support fellowship primarily for new deaf Christians (e.g. after the Crusade) because it was felt that local churches were ‘not ready’.  Some Deaf Christians were able to preach and teach new Christians,  and the fellowship acknowledged the number of responses from the Deaf Christians who were struggling to become included in local churches, therefore the London Christian Deaf Link was created, as a support fellowship.


The major reason for London Deaf Christian Link becoming a registered charity called “Christian Deaf Link UK” was that were obliged under that Charities Act 1994 to register if the income was more than £10,000 a year and also some of our funds to support Deaf Christian work were used outside the London area.  However, it was believed that God allowed the newly registered charity organisation to happen.


In 2006, through our prayers, we felt that our mission primarily should be to preach the gospel to Deaf people, in accordance with the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:18-20).  The word, “GO!” was laid on our hearts as we felt the burden, firstly, for more Deaf souls to be saved and, secondly, to teach / encourage Deaf Christians to become more active in the Lord.  GO!SIGN was an inspiration as it fitted well with the mission, especially in sign language.


Information taken from an original article by Laurence Banks (D) in the Go!Sign magazine, issue 63, Winter 2006/2007, page 2 & 12.