Go! Sign Safeguarding Policy


1. Introduction

As followers of Jesus we are called to love God and our neighbour (Luke10:27 ) so we all have a duty to value and respect others.  This will include: 

  • Taking action so that children, young people and adults at risk of abuse who come into contact with Go! Sign are, as far as is possible, protected from harm and abuse and if abuse is identified, it will be handled effectively, giving special regard to the language needs of Deaf and Deaf Blind people.   
  • That we, as a Christian organisation, promote a positive and safe space for those who participate at our events and activities. 
  • Taking action so that our staff, trustees and volunteers are clear about their responsibilities and duties and are supported in fulfilling them. 
  • Working in partnership with children, young people, their parents / carers, adults at risk of abuse and local and national partner agencies and organisations to promote the welfare of and to protect those who engage with our organisation. 

This policy applies to all staff, trustees and volunteers as well as those who come into contact with our organisation. Children and adults have the right to live free of abuse and neglect, it is our responsibility to seek to promote their welfare, to keep them safe whilst in contact with our organisation. 

Our approach to safeguarding is shaped by our belief as Christians that:- 

  • Every human life is valuable to God. 
  • God calls us to protect the vulnerable in our society. 
  • We are required to fulfil our legal obligations under current UK Law. 

2. Policy Statement

2.1 Go! Sign will actively seek to create and maintain a culture that is consistent with best practice in safeguarding. 

2.2 A Trustee will be appointed as Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) 

2.3 Our recruitment practices for selecting staff, trustees and volunteers will include some or all of the following dependent on the role: Disclosure and Barring Services checks, confidential self declarations and references for trustees and employees.  

2.4 We will ensure that all our staff, trustees and volunteers are supported and trained to deliver best practice in safeguarding as appropriate to their role.  Staff and trustees should undertake safeguarding training every 3 years. 

2.5 Trustees will ensure that we consider safety in all areas of our work and ministry using risk assessments as necessary for venues and activities. 

2.6 On-line and social media: Trustees will ensure website security and moderate social media. Where possible online communication with members of the public will be via a Go! Sign email accounts / through an open forum format. 

2.7 We will have policies and procedures in place to monitor the conduct and manage allegations against staff, trustees or volunteers. 

2.8 We will ensure that our expectations are stated in relation to our Staff, trustees, volunteers and all who attend Go! Sign events. This includes a culture of zero-tolerance of discriminatory or abusive attitudes, language or behaviour. 

2.9 We seek to respond appropriately to concerns about the safety or wellbeing of those in contact with our organisation. 

2.10 We will record and store information accurately and keeping it securely; sharing information appropriately in line with our legal duties and our Data Protection Policy.   

This will include records such as: 

      • Consent forms
      • Attendance data for work with children and adults
      • Accident and incident reporting
      • Confidential recording of safeguarding concerns 

2.11 We will develop a culture that encourages the raising of safeguarding concerns and disclosures and we will respond promptly following our procedures and current legislation. 

2.12 We will regularly review annually and, where necessary, update our policies and procedures in line with current legislation and guidance. 

2.13 We will ensure that relevant policies are publicly available. 


3. Key people and structures

Trustees as a body are responsible for safeguarding and compliance, one of whom will be the Designated Safeguarding Officer who can be contacted via the website or the Go! Sign office. 


4. Basis of policy and Legal framework 

This policy has been developed using the following as guidance
Our statement of faith (See website)
Our governing document (Our trust deed)
Relevant legislation including, but not restricted to Children Acts (1989 & 2004)
Working together to safeguard children (2018)
Safeguarding vulnerable groups act 2006
Prevent duty guidance 2016
The Care Act 2014
Human Rights Acts 1998
Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
Church of England Parish Safeguarding Handbook 2018
Evangelical Alliance (Christian Safeguarding Services)  


5. Related policies and procedures 

This policy should be read in conjunction with our:
Charitable aims
Safeguarding procedures
Role descriptions for staff and volunteers
Trust Deed
Staff handbook
GDPR (General Data Protection Procedure) Policy
Equality and diversity policy
Health and safety policy and risk assessments 


6. Document control

The above documents can be viewed on www.gosign.org or by request from general@gosign.org 

Written June 2019 Proposal for adoption Sept 2019